The holiday period…
The British empire..
Red peak.
Even that stale bit of pizza you was saving – All good things eventually come to an end, and this last term of after schools was no exception (sorry about the pizza though, ill replace it).
So after many weeks of work from the kids and many hours of work from the adults after hours we finally got the green beast (with pink and silver bits) race ready.

Lets go back to the beginning of the term and remember what we started with and what we did…

A pen sketch outlining in the most simplest terms a trike with 2 driven wheels and 1 steering – very basic but it started the ball rolling.
The frame was built from an old child’s backyard swing which the kids had fun dismantling along with a couple of scrap child bikes from RADs wide collection. The kids quickly jumped into the project building it the way they wanted (obviously they wanted it bright green with pink and silver). Wheels were built and rebuilt and everybody learnt much about cutting spokes and truing wheels on our fancy tools. Setting up gears and adding brakes were next as the bike started to take shape. Bars, grips and a seat for the guy up front were added, quite appropriately the old swing seat was used as the seat with cable ties solving the trickiest of problems we encountered.

Which brings us all up to date (for the purposes of this story anyway)
the beast was ready, the kids were ready, the adults were almost ready and the pizzas were cooking – just enough time for us to test who was faster with a race around the park whilst endangering ourselves and pedestrians¬† riding safely and with courtesy. One of the best times was 52 seconds with all the kids on, I wish I had a good comeback to say why the adults didn’t win, but it was because we were too heavy and caused the trike to tip over all the time obviously let the kids win.

Pizzas were cooked by the lovely Juste and Lena and were swiftly eaten whilst we handed out T-shirts and patches for the youth. Snacks and drinks ensued and talks of bigger better projects for next term.
Next term rolls around on the 11th of February, tell your friends, lets make this one big enough to have teams against each other.
Recruiting anyone able to make Thursday after schools (3.30-5.00) girls or boys, young or old don’t be intimidated we can suit all.