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Some unique or unusual projects that we have been working on.

Afterschools Update

Our kids have been busy building up their three-wheeled monster!

It now has brakes, steering, gears, and accommodates two peddlers + a driver, complete with seat from the original swing set.

Next week is our final day, with a good old fashion race…Fingers crossed it and all it’s riders survive!


Afterschools – Week Two

Back wheels are no longer a mystery to our students.

If you need to replace spokes, measuring, cutting and threading recycled one….just ask our kids…they know what to do

(we are slowing turning them into our most knowledgeable volunteers yet!)

2015-10-18 14.30.41-2

Two wheels are too expensive…?

Have you only got one good tire and think handlebars are overrated? Are you up for a challenge?
At RAD we sure are, check out the RAD unicycling skills of some of our volunteers.


Jealous much????? :)

We’d love to see you give it a go too. Visit us on Wednesday nights or Sunday afternoons for a real RAD experience.