RAD afterschools term 1 review

Wow, another term done and dusted, and yet again we went out in style. Setting our bar just a little bit higher every time…
So, for all of our TL:DR readers this bit is for you, special thanks to all of our volunteers who made this term so awesome, thanks to all involved for everyone’s commitment and efforts and a big thanks to the kids for bothering to turn up.
Now for the big review.
Lets set the scene, its a bleak but sunny day, the location is the rad shed and there’s a sparkle in the air that could be confused as excitement but to those that know better they see it for what it really is – fear filled panic. We the volunteers worked hard to make sure that this term would be more successful than the last and there was a lot on the table, because if after all our efforts this time we flopped then there would quite possibly be no afterschools afterwards.  DUN DUN DUUN!!!!
That’s a scary way to start the story huh? well, the kids turned up, many of them in fact, a few new faces, a couple of old ones and everyone keen to start building bikes. Some of them a little sad that we didn’t get to design and make our own frame from scratch this time (it just wasn’t feasible due to struggles with shifting our last custom build – the trike). So we set about building 2 mountain bikes from bare frames in unison with hopes that building them together we could see a couple of different methods for each job and different combinations of parts to achieve different results.
Some hard learning happened here – not even all our volunteers know the things the kids now do. We covered such in depth subjects as, bottom bracket assembly and installation, headset components and their applications, general frame and fork options and what is appropriate for different circumstances and generally how to hit things when they don’t work properly (a rad specialty).

Lets cut to the chase, you guys came here to see the pictures from our awesome end of term party and here about how awesome it all was…..
Well yes, it was very awesome and was a great success, a high tech professional cycle course was constructed using road cones, inner tubes and mobile phone stop watches. Our race was simple, 5 bike options and each person gets one go on each bike and sets a fastest lap, we had the 2 project bikes set up, but also in RAD tradition we had some other bikes of former glory waiting for a good old hoon, this came in the form of an adapted Raleigh 20 and a BMX, plus a free choice option from any other bike in the container.
2 punctures, a couple of mishaps and a whole heap of fizzy drinks later all our racing was done, i cannot remember the exact results of each race but our project bikes came out on top (basically they didn’t break – which shows how well the kids built them). The riders shared very close lap times but the over all decision was based on not just time but on team spirit and style too, with the podium looking something like this
1st place was Archie with some consistent times and a lot of luck as he set times on the 2 bikes before they were decommissioned.
2nd place went to Jamie, a great rider with some fastest times but just got piped at the post to Archie.
3rd went to Kayden, some great work here from a guy new to afterschools this term, hopefully a name for the future.
Honorable mention to Shaun who if we were imposing Le Mans rules would’ve won due to shear amount of laps he cycled.

For those who are curious to see one of our mighty bikes which was built from our kids this term it will be showcased down at the “space academy” (google it) in a RAD exhibition for 3 weeks starting the 16th of April.
For those that were worried, don’t be, we were obviously a success this term and we will be starting term 2 in mid May, feel free to get info or just sign up by emailing admin@radbikes.co.nz
I, Kest, shall be stepping down as main teacher now for a much needed holiday, our new teacher Nick will be taking over but fret not, he is equally qualified with bikes and kids and he is not too bad with a hammer either.
over to you Nick…………..