What we do

  • We provide a workspace, tools and parts to get your dunger working againIMG_1274
    We offer a space for you to work on your bike, all the tools you will need and a plethora of spare parts.
  • We provide mechanical instruction to cyclists on a drop-in basis
    We work with the principle of Do-It-Yourself but that doesn’t mean we expect you to know how to fix your bike. We will teach you where we can and we heartily welcome users with little or no previous knowledge about bike mechanics, we have great bike repair manuals too. You can stop by and learn whatever you want or need to know during any of our regular hours. At various time we have provided women only hours once a week to help create an accessible learning environment for everyone.
  • We provide a depot for bikes and bike part donations
    Far too many bikes and bike parts in excellent condition end up in the dump, and we consider ourselves part of the solution. Still, some parts are difficult or impossible to repair, but we do our best to recycle everything we can.
  • We gift bicycles to local charitable organizations
    When local charities need a bike, we try to help them out.